Communication that connects. Results through research. Design made to work for brands, publications, and people.

Yung Tyng Lee

Or Yung for short, hails from Petaling Jaya and is now based in Melbourne. He holds a BA in Communication Design and an MA in Communication Design at RMIT University from which he graduated in July 2016.

Yung Tyng has had six years of freelancing experience, mixed with stints at Some Early Birds & Freeform Media, specializing in visual identity, typography, print, and publication. As well as being self-employed, he is the co-founder of web & digital branding outfit Gridhaus.

He also enjoys the great outdoors, lifting heavy stuff, and giving occasional critical ramblings on design. He believes in the responsibility of using good design as a tool to create meaningful & beneficial experiences, and aims to make the world a better place.