Suara Rakyat Suara Keramat

This is my take on 508, with whatever little footage and time I had. Hopefully this would be a benefit for those who couldn't attend, so that they too may share the joy that we felt. And tell the world who we Malaysians are!

Never have I seen before a day and place where so many strangers were happy to see each other present. There were wide smiles, warm cheers, and countless helping hands. There was no fear of striking a conversation with anyone, as there was such a strong sense of belonging. That being said, we are probably not strangers at all.

I was intimidated by the hoaxes and rumours prior to that night, but since that time on while I was present among the crowd of thousands, I now feel secure and confident. This confidence was fueled by the fact that I stood with a multitude of fellow brothers and sisters of this nation, who are together in fighting the good fight for justice and righteousness. I hope that our voices that night were so loud, it sent the corrupt trembling in fear.

No boundaries, no prejudices, no anger and fear. It was a keluarga I saw that night, and I'm certainly proud of how much we've all grown together.

And who said democracy was dead? It was clearly present in the voice of the Rakyat.

Sebangsa, senegara, sejiwa.

Kita Anak Malaysia.