The Dawn Over a New Malaysia

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Terima kasih kepada semua rakyat, pengundi, pemimpin dan ahli kerajaan baru yang telah berjuang demi demokrasi negara kita. Kerana jasa, pengorbanan dan dedikasi anda, generasi ini dan generasi seterusnya dapat melihat sebuah era negara kita yang baru. 🇲🇾

Watching the sunrise

On 10 May 2018, Malaysians were waking up to a new era, a new country. An autocratic power that has been in place for over sixty years was finally overturned the night before—let’s let that sink in for a while...

There is no more fear, no more silence, for democracy has been returned. We can look forward to fair future elections, freedom of the press & speech. We welcome educational reforms, legal reforms, and oppressive laws repealed. We can't wait for efficient government services & systems! We beam at the prospect of more overseas talent returning to serve. We can see a future where children proudly aspire to be the next leaders of our country. The possibilities are endless now!

Indeed, a vote cast this GE14 was not only for ourselves, but it has helped determine the nation's direction that the children of Malaysia will inherit.

Five years ago, I volunteered as an election observer (Pemantau) to report any fraud during GE13. I recall watching helplessly as unmarked cars drove into the pusat mengundi after 5PM, witnessing a bus full of you-know-whos parked at a nearby petrol station likely awaiting instructions, and then receiving voters’ reports of a certain party's symbol displayed in the saluran. Having observed this GE14 from overseas, I truly yearned to have been home alongside you all, and then gather outside the Istana the next evening. I am encouraged nonetheless that the sheer will of the Rakyat has rendered any fraudulent attempts at manipulation utterly powerless.

Since this past Thursday morning, I could not get out of my mind this picture of Malaysians waking up to a new dawn, watching the sun rise over a country reborn. Giving up two nights of sleep, I saw it fitting to commemorate this historical moment into an illustration of some form. So, this is my very small gift back to Malaysia—a grasp at documenting an event that is in reality, undoubtedly grander on so many scales.

Harapan rakyat telah dipenuhi, marilah membina semula negara. A better country starts with better citizens. Let’s cherish and build up this new Malaysia by being better Malaysians.


And of course, this wouldn’t be an actual gift unless it was properly shared right? I’ll do you one better:

For anyone interested in having a physical print of this to remember this day by—especially those who have served as PACA, volunteered as postal vote runners, (heck, even newly elected MPs)—please message me via Facebook a proof of your participation (you holding your pass, photo evidence etc.), and I’ll ship you a print wherever you are, no questions asked. And I’m not talking about crappy office laser jet prints, I’m talking fine art inkjet giclee prints. Depending on how this actually pans out, I aim for them to be 40x50cm prints. There is currently no time limit or deadline for these groups of people.

I can’t promise how many are available and such, as it really depends on how this is received (and my budget). So let’s go by the honour system lah okay, no using your friend’s pass/photo and nonsense like that. Forward this to people that you know have indeed contributed and served the rakyat this GE14.

And for everyone else, feel free to download it for use as a mobile wallpaper.

Salam Harapan.

This was originally published as a public Facebook post.

Yung Tyng Lee